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Kool Kids Dentist & Orthodontics Pomona, CA offers clear braces for kids and adults to straighten their teeth and confidently show off their smiles.

What are clear braces?

Everyone wants to look his or her best at all times. The way your teeth are structured can hinder you from looking your best or smiling with confidence. But orthodontists have devised a new way to help you enhance your aesthetic and looks. Clear braces are translucent aligners that are specifically designed to straighten your teeth without wearing the conventional visible metal braces.

Kool Kids Dentist & Orthodontics helps kids and adults in Pomona with the best way to have straighter teeth without anyone else knowing, using clear braces.

How do clear braces work?

Orthodontists usually use conventional train track braces to apply a small amount of pressure to your tooth and other tooth anchors to join them all together so as to pull the other tooth into the correct alignment.

Clear braces work by applying a series of clear aligners to the teeth to put a small pressure and align the direction required. As the tooth moves, the pressure naturally starts to reduce and it is at this stage that you’ll need a new aligner to replace the one inside.

At Kool Kids Dentist & Orthodontics, we use the Invisalign orthodontic system that uses computer software to set the number of aligners you will need at the beginning of your treatment. The computer will also indicate the number of aligners you’ll use in order to move the tooth in the required direction.

Once our doctors have set up your Invisalign braces, we’ll provide you with two or three other aligners that you use for replacements. You’ll also be required to come back to our clinic to allow us to monitor your progress and issue you with more aligners if need be.

Can I know how I will look like after orthodontics?

Yes. Invisalign clear braces offer what is called a Clincheck. This is a system that takes records of how your teeth look initially, and then the information is digitized onto a computer screen so that it can be used to digitally move your teeth.

You then get an opportunity to see on the computer screen how your teeth will look like once clear braces have been used to arrange your teeth. You can even make adjustments to suit your style.

The amazing part is that once we have programmed your teeth on the computer, the program allows you to see a 3-D movie of your teeth moving from the previous position to the new position.

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